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Rose at 8 months old


 April 5, 2003 -- December 25, 2003
Black and white, brown-eyed female
Breeders: Suzie Parsons and Joni Barnhardt
Owner: Joni Barnhardt


We are deeply saddened and stunned by Rose's untimely death due to a freak accident. We miss her so much and her playmate Libby is lost without her. Rose was SO full of life and personality! I will miss her fun-loving, mischievous personality,  her rear attacks :-) and her great love of the water. We were looking forward to having fun with her in the ring and on the trail. Sleep well, sweet, wild Rose.


Rose playing with her good friend, Libby.

Rose at 8 months old.


Additional Photos
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Rose is pictured at 3 months of age


Rose playing with her new friend, Libby


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