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Joni's Nikita Libra

(Nat's Rebel Bandit  X  F and N's Natasha of Arjanska)
DOB: 10/21/74
OFA# SH-2955-T; eyes clear
Breeder:  Frankie Proffitt
Owner: Joni Moore


Niki was my wonderful Christmas present from my parents (with critical assistance from my aunt!) when I was 14 years old...my first Siberian who started it all. Her pedigree went back to CH. Frosty Aire's Banner Boy, C.D.  Niki and her son, Yuri, taught me about Siberian Huskies, obedience classes and graciously allowed me to practice on them in the conformation ring!

Yuri Khovaki-Dark

(Kristy's Big Husky, C.D. X Joni's Nikita Libra)
DOB: 4/3/76
Breeder/Owner: Joni Moore




Khovaki's Russet Ruffian

(CH. Majula's Russlan X Zanyata Pchola Of Blucrest)
 9/29/79 - 12/26/94
Breeder: Rodney and Nancy White
Owner: :Joni Barnhardt


I obtained Russ from the Whites in Virginia. He had a wonderful pedigree, being linebred on Akela and Banner Boy. He didn't quite have what he needed to succeed in the show ring, but he was a sweet guy and a workhorse in harness! He gave me even more practice in the show ring...awaiting that first elusive point! <sigh>

Khovaki's On Fire

(CH. Wintersweet's Woodsmoke X CH. Innisfree's Moonlight Sinner)
DOB: 10/30/84
Eyes clear
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt and Judy Moore
Owner: Melanie Schlaginhaufen



Khovaki's Firesparks

(CH. Wintersweet's Woodsmoke X CH. Innisfree's Moonlight Sinner)
10/30/84 - 5/94
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt and Judy Moore
Owner: Joni Barnhardt

BOB puppy at a CNCSHC match; judge Michael Jennings       


Khovaki's Sweet Dreams

(CH. Blackoak's Crescendo, C.D. X CH. Pandi Valdea's Total Terra)
DOB: 12/5/87
CERF# SH-4114; OFA# SH-8511G27F
Breeders/Owners: Betty Mitchell and Joni Barnhardt

BOS at an International Siberian Husky Club match; judge Fain Zimmerman     BOS at a CNCSHC match    


Khovaki's Smoke Cynder

(Valdea Vindicator Shenndoah, S.D.  X  CH. Khovaki's Moonlight Laurel)
Black and white, blue-eyed dog
12/88 - 8/03
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt
Owner: Silvia Behr

               Cynder in lead  (Eugen driving)
              Cynder in lead  (Eugen driving) 
Cynder at wheel (Silvia driving)
    Cynder at wheel (Silvia driving)      

Silvia says about Cynder: "Khovaki's Smoke Cynder has always shown great desire to lead and put his heart into every run down the trail.  After racing in numerous CNCSH Club fun races and finishing in the top three we ventured north to try our ability there.  In the 1992 - 93 racing season,  Cynder  with his teammates Abby and Wolfie were awarded second runner-up for the M.A.S.D.R.A.  3-dog class.  Now retired, Cynder is training his replacement Kristari's Ally McBeal."

Khovaki's Firedrake CGC

(Valdea Vindicator Shenndoah, S.D.  X  CH. Khovaki's Moonlight Laurel)
Red and white, split-eyed dog
12/15/88 -- 9/16/02
Breeder/Owner: Joni Barnhardt

Jean-Luc at about 3 months old    Jean-Luc is seen here (approx. 9 years old) at left lead with Uno at co-lead and Adam assisting!

Khovaki's Four Season Rose

(CH. Blackoak's Crescendo, C.D. X Khovaki's Kiana of Alatuk)
Both Majors
Gray and white, brown-eyed female
SHOR# S-5766/93-47; OFA# SH-9613E35F
DOB:  6/13/89
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt and Phillip Moseley
Owner: Linn Jones & Joni Barnhardt

Blue Frost High Hopes O'Alatuk

(CH. Blackoak's Crescendo, C.D. X Khovaki's Kiana of Alatuk)
Gray and white, brown-eyed dog
Eyes clear
6/13/89 -- 11/01
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt and Phillip Moseley
Owner:  Ray & Lynn Crouse and Phillip Moseley

Puppy Hi-Ho   

Khovaki's Purple Haze, C.D.

(CH. Blackoak's Crescendo, C.D. X Khovaki's Kiana of Alatuk)
Major pointed
DOB: 7/5/90
CERF# SH-4100
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt and Phillip Moseley
Owner: Kristen Pierce
Major pointed


Khovaki's Rider On The Storm CGC
Khovaki's Rockin' And Reelin'

These brothers are terrific and steady sled dogs with wonderful temperaments. They are seen here as young dogs at  wheel...what a great matched pair! After years of being relied on to do their best at wheel, we discovered that they also enjoy running at lead.


(CH. Marionhill's Starr Player X Khovaki's Sister Christian)
Breeder/Owner: Joni Barnhardt
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



"Reese": 3/10/91 -- 2/18/04 - A truly gentle soul, Reese always got along with everyone and never caused trouble. He was well known for his easygoing manner and his almost soundless "woo's"! He was an excellent sled dog who always gave his best. True to his nature even in death, Reese quietly slipped away from us during the night. He will be greatly missed at our kennel.



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Chuck": 3/10/91 -- 11/19/05 - We lost a sweet boy today; he's gone to play with his mom and brother. Chuck was very much like his mother, Bubba, and his brother, Reese. And like both of them, he NEVER caused any trouble, always got along. Once when he was a youngster, a strange dog approached the exercise yard fence and Chuck got very excited; before he knew what he was doing, he was up and over that fence! He shocked himself by doing that and came right to me when I called him. And he never even attempted to do that again, in the many years we lived there. He and his brother Reese were great in harness and were usually seen side-by-side, working in unison at wheel; they were a joy to watch as they worked together. In Chuck's later years, even though he had never thrown his weight around, never pushed, he had the respect of all the dogs in the yard and none of them ever challenged him, not even the upstart young boys who were challenging every other male. Even the obvious alpha male (who DOES like to throw HIS weight around) recently deferred to Chuck, when he bumped Chuck and Chuck turned around and gave him "the look"!

He will be missed by us all here. But he has no pain now and he is at peace. Rest well, old man, sweet boy. And give your mom and brother kisses from us.
Chuck is shown here at 14 years old

Khovaki's Nod From The Gods

(CH. Yendorbe's Royal Sontaff X Khovaki's Songbird)
DOB: 3/27/96
Eyes clear
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt
Owner: Melanie Schlaginhaufen
Both majors


Khovaki's Wild Wing

(CH. Yendorbe's Royal Sontaff X Khovaki's Songbird)
DOB: 3/27/96
Eyes clear
Breeder/Owner: Joni Barnhardt
Now Neutered

Khovaki's Ivan

(CH. Yendorbe's Royal Sontaff X Khovaki's Songbird)
3/27/96 -- 4/07
Breeder: Joni Barnhardt
Owners: Roger and Geralyn Nelson

Beloved family member, seen here with three of his cat family and with his dad.

 From Roger and Geralyn:  "Ivan was our second Husky, but our first from Joni.  He was a beautiful boy with a wonderful temperament, and we never worried about him around children or other animals.   He had such patience with 6 cats eating out of his bowl.  He loved people and many times ignored other dogs and cats on the street.  He looked for attention from the owners instead, and greeted folks everywhere with much conversation.  He was such a big part of our lives and we were devastated to unexpectedly lose him one morning in April '07.  He will always live in our hearts and we know his spirit lives on with his buddy Harley.  Ivan, we miss and will always love you!"



Khovaki's One Of A Kind

"Uno" (a.k.a. "The Beast" when in harness!)
(CH. Wintersweet's Deep Trouble X Khovaki's Sister Christian)

January 21 1997 August 10, 2008
Eyes clear
Neutered male
Breeder/Owner: Joni Barnhardt


In Loving Memory
Uno was a big, funny boy, and like his name, he was one of a kind.  And just a crazy man in harness. We will miss him. We will bury his ashes out near the woods where his mom, his half-siblings, and other former kennelmates now rest. Goodbye, sweet boy.


Kiote's Harvest Of Terra Neva

(Atim's Ikkuma X CH. Terra Neva's Charro)
OFA# SH-7126G24F; eyes clear
DOB: 5/28/85
Breeders: Robert and Carye Osmack
Owners: Noreen Rosi then Joni Barnhardt and Melanie Schlaginhaufen



Khovaki's Bonnie Blue

(CH. Synama's Blues Traveler X Khovaki's Songbird)
Gray and white, brown-eyed spayed female
DOB: 11/5/98
Eyes clear
Breeder/Owner: Joni Barnhardt


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