Former Litters


We are very happy to welcome three new arrivals, whelped on August 21, 2007. The pups are sired by CH. Khovaki's Krystal Wolf Dream Weaver (left) and out of our girl, Libby (Sno-Magic's Khovaki Moonshadow). We have one male puppy (dark-faced red/white) and two female puppies (one gray/white and one black/white). This breeding should produce lovely, athletic and very sweet-tempered offspring. Photos of pups are below parent information.





 Puppies are pictured here at 8.5 weeks of age. The theme for this litter is TENNIS! Left to right, Roddick, Maria, Venus



We are very happy to welcome five new arrivals, whelped on December 1, 2005! The pups are sired by BIS/BISS Am/Can CH. Highlander's Austin Powers SD and out of our girl, Libby (Sno-Magic's Khovaki Moonshadow). We have four male puppies (two regular gray/white, one black/white
and one wolf-gray/white) and one wolf-gray/white female puppy. This breeding combines show and running bloodlines in hopes of producing lovely, athletic, sweet and vigorous offspring. Photos of pups are below parent information. This page May be slow-loading, as there are lots of photos.

**Many congratulations to Austin on his Award of Merit and First Place in Stud Dog Class at the 2005 SHCA National Specialty Show!**




(left to right)  Bottom row: Sara, Andy, Engin. Top: Little Bit, Reggie

Sara (now Casey) is presently living in Virginia with the Beachy family; Andy is living here at Khovaki; Engin (now Stoney) is in Colorado with the Doss family; Little Bit (now Jackson) lives in Colorado with the Cubbison family; Reggie (now Chukchi) lives in Virginia with the Cornett family.




Ally whelped three red and white puppies on January 2, 2005... two males and one female. The puppies were sired by Am. Ch. Kristari's Rudolph Valentino. Contact Silvia for more information.  


Ally with puppies


We are happy to announce the birth of four puppies on June 9, 2004! Mom is Jenna and dad is CH. Topaz The Wizard (Oz). Some photos of the puppies are below the parent information.





What is down there??       

Ralph lives here at Khovaki

Maybe I can find it!       

Precious lives here at Khovaki

No doubt about it, there is something there!        Do ya think I'm sexy??

Billy is now called Nigel and happily living with the Halsey family.


Willy (now known as "Nittany") enjoys playing with his half-sister, Sydney, in his new home with the Lee family.




CH. Khovaki's Dream Master (Kirby) and Khovaki's Wild Song (Kia) proudly announce the birth of one black/white female puppy (Raven) on December 2, 2004. Some photos of Raven at 4.5 weeks of age are below. To see more photos of her, click on her name to go to her page.




Raven is now enjoying her new home with Roger and Geralyn Nelson and some feline companions!




 Tiki and CH. Klondike's Sgt Pepper, CGC are the proud parents of five puppies whelped April 5, 2003! There were three males (two gray/white and one white/black piebald) and two females (one black/white and one white/black piebald). Photos of puppies are below, under the photos of Pepper and Tiki. Contact Suzie for more information about these puppies.



Puppy Photos


Gray Male        Black/white female        Piebald female        Gray Male        Piebald male




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